Tools You Need To Clean Your Roof

Cleaning and maintaining your roof with the right tools can help prolong its lifespan. And, it adds value to your home by improving its curb appeal. Although you don’t have to clean your roof everyday, it is important to have cleaning tools so you can clean it when needed. 

Let’s go over some tools you need in order to properly clean your roof on your own. 

Safety Equipment 

It’s better to be safe than sorry! Get your hands on some goggles, gloves, a hard helmet, and a harness. This way, you will be completely protected from any loose nails and heights. You will probably need a ladder in order to get onto your roof as well. Make sure your ladder is secure before you climb onto your roof. You can also have another individual on the ground supervising just in case. 

Broom and Brushes 

In order to get rid of accumulated dirt, leaves, branches, and other debris, you will need a broom. This way,  you can safely sweep everything off your roof. If there are leaves or debris that is stuck to your roof and can’t be removed with a broom, then try a soft brittle brush to remove them. It is also handy to have a hard bristle brush for any moss, stains, or algae that may be on your roof. 

Pressure Washer 

Even if your use your brushes to get at stains or dried leaves, it may not be enough. But, any stain or dried leaf will come out if you use a pressure washer. However, it is important to learn how to properly use a pressure washer since it is a powerful tool. If you do not want a pressure washer, you can also get a pump up sprayer. The pump up sprayer is a milder version of a pressure sprayer and you can also put cleaning agents into it. 

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