The Most Common Roofing Problems

Unfortunately, your roof is not invincible. Roofing problems can be very common, especially if your roof is not properly maintained. But, if you are aware of what causes roofing problems, then you can try to avoid any possible issues. 

Here are some of the most common roofing problems. 

High Winds 

When there are high or extreme winds, your roof can be damaged. Your shingles are all connected through joints that prevent them from moving around. But, high winds can loosen these joints and result in shingles falling off your roof. If there is also heavy rain, then water can seep through any loose areas and create a water leak in your home. 

Ice Dams 

An ice ice dam occurs when snow melts on your roof and refreezes. Once the cycle happens a few times, you are left with water under a wall of ice, which can seep into your roof. Typically, this occurs from improper attic ventilation when too much hot air rises up and melts the snow. If you notice any ice dams, check your attic ventilation, as this could be the problem. 

Algae & Moss 

If you do not properly maintain your roof, then algae and moss may grow on it. When they are not removed, they can create discolouration on your roof and even crack or loosen shingles. And, algae and moss tend to not look very appealing. 

Surrounding Trees 

You may have a large tree on your property that hangs over your roof or is fairly close. If there are any bad storms, then there is a chance that a tree can fall on your roof or surrounding branches can blow into it. Or, your tree could bend or fall due to old age. It is best to monitor any surrounding trees so your roof is not at risk of any damage. You can also trim surrounding branches for extra safety. 

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