The Importance of Cleaning Your Eavestroughs

Cleaning your eavestroughs, or gutters, is one of the best ways to prolong the lifespan of your roof. Unclean gutters can lead to damage that require repairs. So, any sticks, leaves, dirt, or debris should be removed from your gutters. 

Here are a few reasons as to why cleaning your gutters is so important. 

Prevent Water Damage 

Your gutters allow excess water from rain or snow to drain properly. If they are clogged, then water will not be able to flow properly. This can lead to a build up of water which can cause water damage to the interior and/or exterior of your home. So, keeping your gutters clear protects your roof by channeling water away from your home. 

Keep Unwanted Rodents Away 

If your gutters are full of leaves, sticks and dirt, then an unwanted rodent may think it is a great home. You do not want to have to deal with removing rodents, when you could have removed leaves or sticks in the first place. And, if rodents make their way up into our gutters, they may find their way into your attic, which can create a bigger issue. 

Prevent A Cracked Foundation 

When water pools up in your gutters, it needs to find a place to go. If it overflows the gutter, it can seep into the foundation of your house. If it freezes, it can crack the foundation. This can lead to framing issues, roof issues, problems with your doors and windows, and possibly leaks in your basement walls.  

Saves You Money 

Any repairs to your gutters, roof, or home will cost you money. Whether it be a substantial amount or not, you probably would rather save that money than spend it on something you could have prevented. 

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