Should You Install Roof Vents For Your Home?

Roof vents can help extend your roof’s life drastically. They can extend the life of your roof shingles, lower your energy bills, and help you save money on roof repairs. Although it can be expensive, it is worth it to extend your roof’s lifetime. Roof repairs can be costly, so it is best to take all the precautions to avoid them. 

Let’s go over why roof vents are worth your while. 

Prevent Shingle Degradation From Ice Damming 

Proper roof ventilation will help ensure your roof stays cold during the winter. If your ventilation is not working properly, your roof could end up getting too warm, which will result in the snow melting. This leads to ice dams which can cause damage to many aspects of your roof.

The ice can separate the shingles, causing them to move apart and even curl upwards. Proper ventilation will also prevent icicles from forming, which can also be a hazard for those residing in the home. 

Prevent Shingle Rot 

If there is extra moisture in your attic, the heat can rise up and affect your shingles. This in turn will lead to your shingles rotting. Additionally, when that moisture seeps into your shingles, it can make them loose and, in fact, result in shingles falling off. You do not want to have to deal with shingle repairs or even a roof replacement come the spring. So getting the proper ventilation will ensure your shingles do not rot and are in good condition come the spring. 

Reduce Energy Costs 

When temperatures increase outdoors, there is nothing better than a cool home. Roof vents allow the heat to escape from the home, meaning your air conditioning system will not have to work as hard to cool your home. This will significantly reduce your energy bills, which is a huge bonus. 

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