How To Prevent Winter Roof Leaks From Melting Snow

Winter roof leaks are common throughout the winter as snowfall comes. The snow turns to water which can create cracks, gaps, and spaces in your roofing tiles. Therefore, it is important to monitor your roof and know what to look for to prevent any damage or leaks.

Let’s go over how to prevent winter roof leaks from melting snow and what you need to look for. 

Vulnerable Areas

Chimneys, plumbing vents and skylights are some of the areas where leaks are likely to occur. If the seals surrounding those areas are weak or worn out, a leak can happen. If you notice that there is any leakage throughout your home, you can check these areas first. This way, you can pinpoint where the leakage is coming from and have it fixed. You can also look at your shingles for any signs of wear and tear that should be fixed before they get worse. 

Clean Gutters

If you are a homeowner, one winter task to help your roof is to consistently clean your gutters. If your gutters or eavestroughs are blocked, they could back up and force a leak into your home. It is also crucial to ensure they drain water away from your home. This will decrease any chance of leaks when the snow melts. 

Check the Attic

While snowfall can create leaks, they aren’t always caused from the outside. Improper ventilation, air conditioning, or plumbing can all result in moisture build-up as temperatures change. You should look in your attic on a daily basis to check for mold, moisture, soaked insulation, and clogged vents. This way, if there are any issues you can catch them early on in the season so they don’t get worse. 

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