Spring into Roofing Repairs

With the promise of a bright, warm spring just around the corner, the last thing you might be thinking about is roofing repairs. 

But, when you consider the harsh ways that winter treats your roof, springtime is the best time to inspect your residential or commercial roof system for signs of damage or any maintenance that might be needed.

Before you begin checking your roof, remember that safety comes first. Try to do as much as you can from the ground. If you must, use a ladder according to all common safety procedures, including placing it on a firm base, at approximately a 75-degree angle from horizontal, tying it off at the top and only in fair weather conditions.

You should never climb onto your roof.   


4 Things to Look for in a Roofing Repair Inspection

Think of it this way, the more you do now to check your roof, the less chance you have of searching for emergency roofing services in Ottawa some time later. And the longer it will be before you need a new roof installation.

  1. Check the Shingles – Carefully check the shingles all across your roof. Look for curled corners, raised shingles, cracked or broken shingles, or missing shingles. They can all lead to roofing leaks and must be repaired by a roofing company or roofing contractor. 
  2. Signs of Damage Due to Ice Dams – Ice dams are a common roofing problem during Ottawa winters. Snow melts off your roof and refreezes along the roof edges. The ice can raise roofing shingles and allow water to leak in. 
  3. Check Roof Flashing – Flashing is the thin metal sheeting installed around chimneys, vent pipe and other roof protuberances to keep water from getting into your roof at their bases. If the flashing is bent, broken or missing, it should be repaired or replaced. 
  4. Inspect the Roof Soffit & Fascia – Your roof’s soffit covers the underside of the roof overhang. The fascia seals the ends of the roof’s rafters from the outside. Critters may have damaged them trying to find a warm place to spend the winter, or ice may have damaged them. In either case, it could lead to moisture or unwanted guests in your home.

Professional roof inspections and high-quality roof repair services are the best way to make sure your roof continues to protect your home and lasts a long time. Contact us here at Rest Assured Roofing for a free quote

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