Why Should You Get A Chimney Inspection?

There is nothing better than getting cozy near a fire in the comfort of your home. And, your chimney allows you to do so. Getting a chimney inspection can give you peace of mind knowing you, your family and guests are safe when using your fireplace.  Here are some reasons why you should get your chimney inspected.  Remove Obstructions  Just like your eavestroughs, your chimney can get clogged if it […]

3 Reasons Why Your Roof Is Leaking

If your roof is leaking, it is not a good sign. It can be a sign of roof damage, which can lead to damage to the interior of your home. And, chances are you don’t want to have to put buckets or towels all around your home to stop leaks from ruining your furniture or floors.  Here are 3 reasons why your roof could be leaking.  Holes In The Roof  […]

The Importance of Cleaning Your Eavestroughs

Cleaning your eavestroughs, or gutters, is one of the best ways to prolong the lifespan of your roof. Unclean gutters can lead to damage that require repairs. So, any sticks, leaves, dirt, or debris should be removed from your gutters.  Here are a few reasons as to why cleaning your gutters is so important.  Prevent Water Damage  Your gutters allow excess water from rain or snow to drain properly. If […]

How To Prepare Your Roof For Fall

With fall approaching, it is time to start thinking about your roof. Once the leaves start to fall, it’s not long until the snowfall begins. And your roof needs to be prepared. This way, you can prevent any damage from occurring prior to winter, since winter roof repairs can be challenging.  Here is how you can prepare your roof for fall.  Trim Surrounding Branches  You should try to keep your […]

The Most Common Roofing Problems

Unfortunately, your roof is not invincible. Roofing problems can be very common, especially if your roof is not properly maintained. But, if you are aware of what causes roofing problems, then you can try to avoid any possible issues.  Here are some of the most common roofing problems.  High Winds  When there are high or extreme winds, your roof can be damaged. Your shingles are all connected through joints that […]

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