4 Fall Roofing Tips to Help Your Roof this Winter

Fall is a great time for roofing maintenance. First, you probably haven’t given your roof a second thought all summer. Second, and we hate to break the news, but winter is on its way. And winter can be particularly harsh on your roof. Fall Roofing Tips to Prep Your Roof for Winter  You should only do roofing maintenance if you have all the required safety equipment, including a secure safety […]

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4 Common Summer Roof Problems

Every season we go through here in the Ottawa area brings with it different challenges for your roof. Autumn’s winds throw twigs and other debris. Winter features snow and ice dams. And spring can be a series of freeze/thaw cycles.  After reading that roster of issues, you might think that summer would offer a bit of a break for your busy roof. But, if anything, there are as many or […]

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4 Reasons Why Summer Is A Good Time for Chimney Repairs

So when’s the last time you had a chimney repair?  If you’re like the vast majority of homeowners, you’ve probably never had to repair your chimney, and that’s a good thing.  But, considering the potentially serious consequences of a weakened chimney, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your chimney for signs of wear and tear.   Why You Should Get Chimney Repairs Done in the Summer First, you […]

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How a New Roof Lowers Your Home Insurance Rates

Homeowners who have to understand their homeowner’s insurance coverage will know that there are home renovations that will lower their insurance rates.  Many of those renovations are well-known, like installing a home security system or fire monitoring system. But other renovations that are eligible for similar insurance rate reductions sometimes go unnoticed. The effect of a new roof on home insurance rates is just one example. Many home insurance companies […]


3 Signs You Need A New Roof

There’s probably no part of your house that is more important, but that you pay less attention to than your roof. Unfortunately, that means you might not realize you need a new roof until there’s water dripping from the ceiling.  The good news is, if you start giving your asphalt shingle roof just a little bit of attention, you can learn to spot many of the signs that you might […]

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