How a New Roof Lowers Your Home Insurance Rates

Homeowners who have to understand their homeowner’s insurance coverage will know that there are home renovations that will lower their insurance rates. 

Many of those renovations are well-known, like installing a home security system or fire monitoring system. But other renovations that are eligible for similar insurance rate reductions sometimes go unnoticed.

The effect of a new roof on home insurance rates is just one example. Many home insurance companies will not even offer homeowners insurance coverage if your roof is too old. And if you file a claim after ignoring roof damage, the insurance claim may be denied.

How A New Roof Can Reduce Home Insurance 

Generally speaking, homeowners insurance covers the structure of your home and most of your belongings inside your home. Of course, the roof over your head is one of the main ways you, your home and everything in it is protected against rain, snow, sun, wind and everything else nature can throw at it.

So, even something that seems relatively simple, like a leaky roof, can affect everything your roof protects. And increase the chance of making an insurance claim.

As your roof ages, it goes through more wear and tears from things like freeze/thaw cycles, blazing sun, wind-borne debris and even critters walking on it. 

That level of wear and tear tells your insurance company that you are more likely to make a claim. So they will increase your insurance rates.

However, if you install a new roof, home insurance rates will decline because there’s much less chance of a claim. And the better the roofing materials in your new roof installation or roof replacement, the lower the rates go.

If you’re considering a roofing repair or replacement, contact your insurance company to inquire about the reduction in home insurance rates you can expect. You can factor the insurance savings into your calculations of what a new roof costs.

If you decide to get a new roof, find out how to make it last longer in our article “How to Get the Longest Life from a New Roof Installation”.

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